Working for a future protected from viruses and bacteria

exploiting the antimicrobial action of cold plasma

We take care of people and the environment with a safe and effective hand sanitizing device.

What we do

At HT Plasma we develop, produce and market an innovative device for hand sanitization from viruses, bacteria and fungi, thanks to the specific knowledge of cold plasma and its applications.

Exploiting the antimicrobial properties of ionized gas rich in ions and electrons, we have created a patent pending device, in accordance with the current anticovid  provisions and with a great innovative impact, sustainable and of design, designed for all facilities and companies open to the public.

The result is Glow, a device that sanitizes hands from pathogens, microbes and bacteria through a flow of ionized gas generated from the surrounding air.

Values and Vision

Our goal is to change the habits in terms of hygiene and health, avoiding to fall back into the same mistakes and negligence of the past.

HT Plasma was born with the clear intent to create a new and technological approach to the constant need for sanitation, which has arisen in this particular historical moment.

The Company

The company has a diverse and complementary know-how that encompasses a research and development team composed of physicists, engineers and microbiologists and professionals in the field of marketing and production of electronic devices.

This multidisciplinary integration of partners, combined with a common vision, has given birth to an innovative start-up working on the introduction of ionized gas in daily activities, clearing it from exclusive use in scientific research.

The company is directed by a computer and biomedical engineer with experience in the field of certification of plasma medical devices, Andrea De MasiAnna D’Amico, digital marketing and communication consultant, and the company Elad S.r.l. which has a twenty-years experience in the creation and development of hi-tech electronic devices – that wants to contribute to building a sustainable future and to make scientific research within everyone’s reach.

An innovative startup consisting of 9 partners with expertise in research & development, production & engineering, marketing & commercialization.

We want to be the pioneers in introducing the use of ionized gas to everyday activities, as is already happening in scientific and medical environments.

We believe in the value of nature. Even the plasma, which has always existed, will become an everyday element useful to man to live in harmony with the environment.

Research & Development

Our team, over the last decade, has developed increasingly advanced skills through:

  • Continuous training on Physics, Engineering and Biology
  • Constant comparison with international research groups
  • Specific studies on how ionized gas is an inexhaustible source ready for new applications aimed at health protection

Design, Engineering and Production

The participation of Elad Srl in HT Plasma allows us to have within us a leading company, with vertical competences in

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Production of electronic products

Marketing & Communication

Our internal marketing, in collaboration with the sales department, has not left unheeded the awareness campaigns of WHO and many governments about:

  • The need to safeguard health even post Covid 19
  • Finding environmentally friendly alternatives to gels and wipes
  • Using less troublesome and less time-consuming solutions than chemical gels

Glow, a brighter future!

Find out how to get our hand sanitizer. An innovative, user-friendly product with zero environmental impact. Ask for information now.
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