Glow for your business

All you need is a simple power outlet to guarantee perfect hand hygiene for your customers

GLOW is the device that uses the antimicrobial power of ionized gas for an effective and certified sanitation against viruses, fungi and bacteria.


We’re all more sensitive to the risks of our hands coming into contact with surfaces, but gels, sanitizing sprays and disposable gloves carry recurring costs, don’t provide adequate sanitation and often litter floors, leaving hands uncomfortably damp. This for you who use documents or deal with computers and other tools may not be ideal.
Are there other ways to safeguard colleagues and clients in studies and offices?
The answer is GLOW, the ideal hand sanitizer for enclosed spaces, where avoiding contact between colleagues and outsiders is very difficult. Don’t be afraid to touch commonly used environments or materials and live serenely in your workplace.



For you who own a store, you know that we live in a historical moment in which people demand reassurance and attention to health. In clothing stores, jewelry stores or hypermarkets looking for hand sanitizer is now a mental practice. To put a sign outside the store indicating the obligation of the mask or the entrance to a maximum number of people but it is not enough. Is there a better way to make your store’s customers and vendors feel safe? GLOW provides certified, safe hand sanitation. All your customers have to do is insert their hands inside the device and wait for the light to turn off to be guaranteed sanitization. Touching surfaces and objects that have touched others will no longer be a problem.


The sector is moving towards a new normality made of attention, hygiene and great sensitivity to the needs of your guests. Having a hand sanitizer is a must even in areas not accessible to the public, such as kitchens or service areas. Disparate plastic bottles and a quantity of sanitizing gel dispersed during dispensing means a lot of money for many activities, small or large. Is there a way to reduce waste, save money and ensure proper hand sanitation for your facility’s staff and guests? GLOW is made of 100% recyclable material, with low power consumption that allows for perfect hand sanitization without recurring expenses or maintenance. The ideal way to safeguard your employees and safely welcome your guests.


The sector most exposed to viruses, bacteria and infections is the medical one. Just think of waiting rooms, emergency rooms, hospital rooms, medical and dental clinics are places of high attendance, places with a high index of danger for patients and health personnel. The daily influx, in these facilities, requires frequent sanitization of hands that, if entrusted only to the gels on the market, can not be adequate for sustainability, waste and disposal of empty bottles. Is there a device to quickly and safely sanitize all medical facility staff and patients in care? GLOW is versatile and all it takes is a simple electrical outlet to get it up and running. Thanks to its ease of use, it is the right tool for sanitizing the hands of patients and healthcare workers. What’s more, you can finally count on the certainty of sanitization confirmed by the turning off of the light inside the device.


The Beauty sector is one of those most at risk, due to direct contact between people. Hairdressers, beauty centers, make-up and nail artists are activities that require the sanitization of environments, facilities and equipment. The use of chemical solutions such as sanitizing gels or disposable gloves and wipes are expensive and highly polluting solutions. Is there a way to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria from direct contact between people in the beauty industry? GLOW is designed precisely for hand sanitization and prevention of the spread of viruses from direct contact (the one between parts of the body of different people) and indirect contact (the one between people and instruments of non-exclusive use). If you are a hairdresser, have a beauty salon or are a make-up artist, you are constantly in contact with other people and the tools they touch. Prevent the risk of contagion with an accurate and guaranteed hand sanitation for your staff and your clients.


Think about a place where our children spend most of their lives: school. Classrooms, cafeterias, and gyms are school environments where more than any other you need to feel protected. Distance learning has solved only part of the problems, but the social aspect of students has often been neglected. Social contact and exchange are too important for individuals in the midst of their academic and character development. In many cases, sanitizing gels are not enough! Is there a way to ensure that students and school staff can experience school safely by ensuring proper hand sanitization in common areas? GLOW is the right device for hand sanitizing. Thanks to its ease of use, versatility of use and guaranteed sanitization, it is ideal for large facilities where there is significant daily attendance. Think to your students and staff and give them the safety they deserve against the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Glow’s technology takes advantage of the antimicrobial qualities of cold plasma and is designed specifically for hand sanitization, since this need, which has become pressing, is destined to become common practice in the future, in order to reduce the proliferation of infections, bacteria and diseases.

Why is Glow needed even after COVID-19 ?

  1. Tax relief. In Italy, starting from January 1st 2021, as specified in the Relaunch Decree, the supply of certain goods (including hand sanitizing devices) used in health emergencies will be subject to VAT at a rate of 5%.
  2. Hand sanitization is a very effective weapon against flu, as confirmed by a report of the Superior Institute of Health: in the last week of 2020, the incidence of flu was 1.4 cases per 1000 people, while in 2019 it was 4.9 cases.
  3. Not only COVID19, there are approximately 1.7 million unknown viruses in the world, some ready to make the species leap and cause epidemics or pandemics. At HT Plasma we believe it is more effective to prevent than to fight!

Glow, a brighter future!

Glow aims to help people to live better, bringing into everyday life a new technology for hand sanitization based on the microbicidal effects of ionized gas.
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