Cold plasma

The use of ionized gas in daily hand sanitation

Ionized gases have been shown to be effective in disinfecting inanimate surfaces from viruses, fungi, and bacteria


The idea of using cold plasma for hand sanitation has given birth to the innovative start-up HT Plasma, which was born during the confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. GLOW is the result of a technology developed for years in the field of scientific research as a meeting point and integration of different skills: physical, biological, engineering and microbiological.


Ionized gas (plasma) is a gas in which part of the molecules are ionized, i.e. deprived of an electron. It is therefore a mixture of neutral molecules, ions and electrons. Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is generated by an electrical discharge that ionizes an inert gas such as air. Thanks to science we produce ionized gases by inducing electrical discharges in a controlled and safe manner.


Among the salient characteristics of ionized gases are luminescence and the property of conducting electricity. Ionized gases are naturally occurring and widespread. One example? Lightning. The consequence of ionization on oxygen and nitrogen, charged and reactive molecules in the air, causes peroxidation. In this way, the ionized gas destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi, preventing the replication of these microorganisms.


Several international research groups have demonstrated that ionized gases have several applications in the medical and health fields. In addition to being effective in disinfecting against viruses, fungi and bacteria, they accelerate wound healing and blood clotting. This makes ionized gas ideal in hand sanitization, even in the case of wounds or scratches.


Ionized gases are used for the treatment of certain skin affections such as burns, sores and wounds, they promote the healing of skin tissue and alleviate inflammatory reactions. Therefore, Glow can also be applied to abraded or burned skin, or in presence of psoriasis or vitiligo.


The microbicidal effect of ionized gases is now a reality. At HT Plasma we have the objective of transporting the use of ionized gas from the world of scientific laboratories, to the daily sanitization of hands, within structures and premises open to the public. We have filed a patent application for our device that exploits the technology of cold plasma for the specific use of hand sanitation

Glow‘s technology is designed specifically for hand sanitation, as this need, which has become pressing, is destined to become common practice in the future, in order to reduce the proliferation of infections, bacteria and diseases.

How ionized gas is produced

To ionize a gas at atmospheric pressure, a high voltage is used, which accelerates the electrons producing an avalanche effect. Using appropriate measures it is possible to make the used devices completely safe from the electrical point of view and limit the power so as not to heat the gas.

Supported by abundant scientific literature, we have optimized the disinfectant capacity of ionized gases in order to destroy the outer structures of viruses, bacteria and fungi and prevent them from spreading.

Glow, a brigher future!

Glow will be the first device to spread the use of ionized gases not only for research but also for commercial applications, giving a huge boost to a safer and more sustainable world.
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