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GLOW: the frontline device
for hand sanitation

Thanks to the antimicrobial power of cold plasma it is 99.9% effective against viruses, fungi and bacteria What is cold plasma Playfair Font Hidden

We work for a future
protected from viruses and bacteria

A simple power outlet is all it takes to ensure perfect hand hygiene for your customers. Glow for your business Playfair Font Hidden

Certified efficacy

Glow has been tested at the Molecular Medicine laboratories of the University of Padua, a research center in the forefront against Covid19 and is waiting to receive the conferment of innovative and technological industrial patent at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.

Unparalleled user experience

Glow is a compact, versatile and handy device, with an easy and intuitive use. Just insert your hands in the sanitizing drawer and wait for the luminescence to turn off. In this way you will be sure to have sanitized and perfectly dry hands.

Zero waste

Glow has no costs for consumables or routine maintenance. Built with 100% recyclable materials and with a very low power consumption, it is the first zero waste device able to guarantee an effective and certified sanitation.

Glow is a device that sanitizes hands from pathogens, microbes and bacteria through a flow of ionized gas generated from the surrounding air. Cold plasma, already used in the treatment of some skin affections, can also be applied to abraded, burned or psoriasis or vitiligo skin.

Working for a future protected from viruses and bacteria

Taking advantage of the antimicrobial properties of ionized gas, we have created a device that complies with current anti-virus regulations and has a great impact, innovative, sustainable and of design. Our goal is to change habits in terms of hygiene and health, safeguarding the environment that surrounds us.

The use of ionized gas in daily hand sanitation

Cold plasma is a gas in which a part of the molecules are ionized, that is deprived of an electron. The consequence of ionization on oxygen and nitrogen, charged and reactive molecules present in the air, causes peroxidation. In this way, the ionized gas destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi, without any side effect for humans.

Glow, a brighter future!

A compact and versatile device with a low economic impact. The installation and operation of GLOW is very simple: just a power outlet and a surface on which to place it.

Are you concerned about the health of your customers?

With Glow you can replace alcohol-based sanitizing gels and guarantee the standards required by current regulations.





99,99% sanitization

No recurring expenses

User friendly


Low power consumption

GLOW guarantees savings, ease of use and certainty of sanitation.

All qualities that play a crucial role in preventing and containing the spread of viruses.



29 years old, PC Support Store

"Having GLOW in my store sparked a lot of curiosity. When I explained that it was a hand sanitizer instead of the classic gel, everyone wanted to try it. Then it's also a design object, it doesn't make a mess and I don't have to throw away plastic bottles."


43 years old, Hotel entrepreneur

"For a facility like ours, GLOW is a form of savings. The cleanliness, the efficiency of an electrical device that has virtually zero consumption and costs, has allowed us to buy a dozen and place them on the various floors and in the staff and kitchen areas. An investment we made with great conviction."


33 years old, Insurer

"It's been terrible months! Smart working and then upon returning to the office the sanitizing gels were problematic. Sometimes they would stain documents and the floor. Putting GLOW in our small agency was a breath of fresh air. I placed it on a table in the lobby, clients in less than a minute sanitize their hands and no longer get dirty."

You have no recurring expenses, nor maintenance costs

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